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About Mikey
aka JTB
(Just The Bassix)

Jaded and disillusioned
"But oh, so succulent in his insolence"
Mike has been performing since he was 6 years old, starting as a commercial
actor and model for TV and for high end clothiers.  

(His take on studio school:
"Sucks big time!" )

Until Mikey was 17, he attended schools of Performing Arts and Modeling for
surf and skate wear, while also playing gigs with the school's Jazz  band, which
included opening the renowned
Playboy Jazz Festival.

At 17, he became session player for a producer from
A&M Records (in an artist
development sub corp) and played for a long list of well-known artists over the
next three years.

Then he took off on a two-year US tour with a punk band that ... shall remain

No really, it's for the best.  

After that, Mike didn't surface again (we suspect he got lost in a deep fog
bank) until he was 28 ... and fully bearded.  

The fact that he was wearing a grass skirt when he reappeared is a detail we've
never pursued further.

For the next four years, Mike returned to the occupation of professional
session player, and became a member of the Neo Jazz/Jazz fusion group

That's where he met drummer
Michael Salas, and since then, the two of them
have been playing music together whenever possible.

Last fall (2006), Mike was on week 16 of playing solo bass, when Kerry, Susan
and Valerie wound up on the same stage with him one night.  It was a mutual
admiration society from the start, and expanded exponentially when Hunter
brought Salas  into the mix that is now...

Mikey 'JTB' Hunter on bass
Mikey Hunter on Bass (click to fetch the larger image)
Mike Hunter with his 6-string  (click to fetch the larger image)
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