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About Kerry
aka Biscuits Carnahan
(Not to be confused with his twin brother, Gravy)

A triple threat -- and more.
"Oh, don't look at him. Cynthia!"
Originally from Port Neches, Texas, Kerry has performed throughout the
United States and Canada as an actor and musician -- or sometimes both.  

New York, Los Angeles, on tour and at sea, Kerry performed
with the comedy and bluegrass trio
Changing Lanes*.

(*You can read all about Changing Lanes in Val’s bio, except for the "at sea" part, which she
curiously neglected;  perhaps it was the
mal de mer... or the strange adventures in the
Bermuda Triangle.)  

L.A., Kerry was nominated for the "Best Comedy Special" ACE Award (the
cable equivalent of the
Emmy) for his work as a writer on Deep Fried TV
(originally called Deep Dish TV)
, presented on Showtime.  Other writing credits
Global Gorilla (a children's musical video) and Who's Watching Who?,
in which he starred with Peter Billingsley.

Kerry's acting credits range from roles with the
Alabama Shakespeare
Festival and other national touring companies to major theaters across our
fruited plain.  His favorite roles include
Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, Sir
Andrew Aguecheek
in Twelfth Night, Jack in The Importance of Being
, Leo in Chapter Two (opposite Val's Faye) and on and on, ad nauseum.  
He has made numerous appearances on television, including guest roles on
(with Margaret Colin and Hector Elizondo), Major Dad (with Gerald
) and Could It Be ... A Miracle? (hosted by Robert Culp).

Kerry plays guitar, keyboards, cello and English horn, and writes most of the
original songs for

Oh, yeah – and he sings, too.

Just don’t ask him about his garden unless you have a few hours...
Kerry Phillips (click to fetch the larger image)
Changing Lanes (click to fetch the larger image)
(click to fetch the larger image) Aboard the QEII - get a load of those tans!   Kerry Phillips, Valerie Tullous, Randall Meade
(click to fetch the larger image) Front: Tommy Sheeter, Antoinette Stella, Tony Nassour, Paul Chepikian; Back: Linda White, Bill Evashwick, Kerry Phillips
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