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About Bob
aka "GFB"
(But he'll always be Berto to me)

"I wrote this song to sing on Johnny Carson"
It's been a long time, long time, long time...
Bob has been a professional actor and musician for over 30 years.  In Los
he has appeared in:  The Dining Room, Urinetown (the Musical),
State of the Union, Funeral Wedding, Laughing Wild, Landscape of the
Body, and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
 He toured nationally with
Valerie in
A Man for All Seasons and two original Kerry Phillips-composed
musicals, then hit the dinner theatre circuit, playing too many comic foils.  

On TV/FILM he has been seen in
"What Women Want", "Best Little
Whorehouse in Texas", "Hi, Honey -- I'm Dead"...
recurred on "Who's
the Boss?"
, guest-starred on "Malcolm in the Middle", "Ally McBeal",
"Becker", "The Smart Guy", "Ellen", "Caroline in the City", "Police Story"
"Silver Spoons"... along with  independent films, national commercials, and
many never-aired television pilots.

In 1996 he produced, wrote, and hosted twenty-four episodes of the nationally
syndicated reality series,
"Could It Be a Miracle?".   He has produced over 20
children’s theatre shows, most with
The Children’s Theatre Company of
Southern California

He has also been the weekend manager at the Ronald McDonald house, worked
construction, been a messenger & delivery guy, waited tables, been a short
order cook, bagged groceries and managed the produce section in a grocery
store, worked in chicken houses and tobacco warehouses, interned for Sen.
Herman Talmadge during the Watergate hearings, run an elevator in the Capitol
Building in Washington, D.C., been a camera operator at a television station,
worked for the Forestry Service in Oregon, translated foreign students' school
transcripts into US equivalencies, inventoried department stores, painted
apartment buildings, sold greeting cards, sold popsicles on the beach, sold his
blood, worked at a convenience store, worked at a record store, and worked at
too many restaurants, including the Italian restaurant where he learned to
throw a mean pizza.  

Thus, he’s taken great advantage of his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism
from the University of Georgia.

Bob is thrilled to be singing again with long-time friends Valerie Tullous and
Kerry Phillips and new friends Mike Hunter and Mike Salas.  To get the chance
to sing Kerry's songs is always a treat!

Now, it's all about the music!
RainPace is...
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