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"Now is a good time to try something new."  
Would a fortune cookie lie?
Suspected of having emerged from the womb in full voice, former member
Susan Travers Stern is a rare breed: born in
Los Angeles, she is a native

Susan was weaned on classical music (Brahms and Beethoven being her
particular faves)
, as well as jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee -- the
great standards were her first passion.  

In the
Santa Monica house where Susan spent most of her pre-college years,
three corners of an otherwise "formal" living room were taken up with a piano, a
vibraharp and a drum set; so making music was a regular pastime
(as long as it
wasn't the rock 'n’ roll that her parents despised).

Freed from parental constraints when she left the nest for college in Berkeley,
Susan expanded her musical horizons to embrace the bounty of rock 'n' roll, folk
and country tunes that filled the radio waves.  Music informed everything.

After her return to
Los Angeles, Susan hooked up with Sing! Sing! Sing! and for
five years she participated as a vocalist in that group's monthly appearances at
Jazz Bakery and as a featured singer and soloist for the quartet, Vocal

Vocal Affair
performed at other venues in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs
area, but one of their most gratifying experiences was the regular monthly
appearance for OPICA, a day-care center for adults with Alzheimer's
disease.  The power of music was never more evident, as demonstrated by its
ability to reach through the disease and spark a memory in a mind that seemed
otherwise inaccessible.

A particularly memorable
OPICA moment came when one of the older women in
the audience began singing along toward the end of the show.  A nurse's aid
rushed up afterwards to exclaim,
"But – she hasn't spoken or related to us in
three days!  She was catatonic until she heard your music!  I'm calling her

For Susan, though, the absolute best part of the Jazz Bakery years was finding
Valerie and Kerry, with whom she shared a love of music in its many forms,
which evolved into the endlessly creative, slightly irreverent and undeniably

Whatever future projects await, may she always
rock on!
"Be brave enough to live creatively.  
The creative is the place where no one else has ever been...  You can't get there by bus, only
by hard work, risking and by not quite knowing what you're doing."
~ Alan Alda
"I am adept at not knowing what I am doing, and working hard to do it."
~ Susan Stern
Susan Travers Stern (click to fetch the larger image)
Kerry, Val & Susan of RainPace at Boulevard Music, 2006  (click to fetch the larger image)
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