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RainPace is a Los Angeles band,  with
roots in Southern Rock, New Wave,
Bluegrass and -- yeah -- Broadway.*
*The good Broadway, not that other one.

What more could you want?
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RainPace has a SECOND LIFE

Look for us in-world as "RainPace Republic".
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RainPace is the
"Top Requested Artist"
Underworld Mix Radio
Original air date Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Banana Peel Radio, Vancouver
Request Mood Wonderful Mood
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RainPace Interview with Isaac Davis Jr
RainPace Live
Orange County Fair
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Live from Paris ~ Midnight Special Blues Radio
"The musicianship and vocals are
flawless ... with harmonies to die
for ... quirky with a wicked sense
of humor ... imagine if
Shakespeare were still writing
his farces in today's vernacular."
Wildy's World ~ click to read review
"An explosive package of songs
that you simply can't ignore"
~Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World
"Off the wall and
completely original"
"Very rarely do you hear vocal
styles that even come close ...
unparalleled harmonies ... full of
emotion, fabulous instrumentation
and, above all, lyrics that are
completely unexpected ... sure to
leave you quite entertained."
~JB Swift, Swift Reviews
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"Fun, wacky, clever -- ALIVEl"
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